Epilepsy and the role of glutathione

What is Epilepsy? Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by brain seizures, resulting from abnormal neuronal activity in the brain.

Often the seizures will occur spontaneously, however sometimes certain precipitants can trigger a seizure. Examples of triggers for epilepsy may include emotional stress, air pollution, sleep deprivation, medications, alcohol and radiation. These are all factors that are known to reduce levels of glutathione, a vital brain antioxidant.

Seizures create a huge amount of oxidative stress which is very damaging to the brain cells, further reducing the glutathione levels.

The damaging free radicals that are formed during a seizure diminish levels of glutathione in the brain. Anti-seizure drugs also have the undesirable side effect of reducing glutathione levels.
Epilepsy and Glutathione Glutathione is an important neuromodulator that directly affects the activity of brain cells.

Research scientists in Japan, Canada and Italy have conducted independent experiments showing that drug induced seizures can be prevented if glutathione is administered beforehand. Canadian scientists demonstrated that a combined therapy of glutathione with antioxidant vitamin E reduced the number of brain cells damaged after a seizure.

Several scientists have successfully used glutathione precursors to treat seizures.

Dr Jimmy Gutman states in his book Glutathione: Your Key to Health “Since glutathione is also itself an anticonvulsant, it may be used as a complementary therapy to both treat and prevent seizures as well as to lessen the adverse effects of conventional drugs.”
The Power of Cellgevity

Cellgevity™ is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement, designed to support your entire glutathione and cellular defense systems. Powered by RiboCeine™ and a blend of the purest plant extracts, Cellgevity dramatically increases glutathione production in every cell of the body.

Increased levels of intracellular glutathione will help to neutralize the harmful free radicals created during a seizure, and will even help to prevent seizures.


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