Peptic ulcer

What is Ulcer?

Ulcers is simply a WOUND on the stomach’s lining or an OPEN SORE on the external or internal surface of the body, CAUSED by a BREAK in skin or mucous membrane which fails to heal.

Ulcers range from PAINFUL sores in the mouth to BED sores and serious LESIONS of the STOMACH or intestine.

STOMACH ULCERS are a type of peptic ulcer disease.

PEPTIC ULCERS is any ulcer that can affect BOTH stomach and small intestines.

Stomach ulcers occur when the thick layer of mucus that protects the stomach from DIGESTIVE juices is reduced, allowing the digestive acids to EAT AWAY the tissues that line in the stomach CAUSING ulcers.

Peptic Ulcer

Gastric ulcers occur on the side of stomach
Duodenal ulcers, occur on the side of upper portion of the small INTESTINE (duodenum).


The most COMMON cause of peptic ulcers is:

  • Infections with the bacterium Helicobacter pylori
  • Long term use of ASPIRIN & certain other pain killers e.g., IBUPROFEN (Advil, Anaprox), DICLODENK, etc.

NOTE: STRESS & SPICY foods DO NOT cause peptic ulcers, however they can make SYMPTOMS worse


Burning stomach pain, feeling of fullness, bloating or belching, not wanting to eat because of pain, heart burn – a burning sensation in chest, nausea / Vomiting or vomiting blood which may appear black or tarry Trouble in breathing Feeling easily full Unexplained weight loss Appetite changes BURPING or ACID reflux Belly pain Dull pain in the stomach; etc.
Stomach ULCERS can easily be cured but they can become severe without PROPER treatment.


Glutathione has been 100 percent proven to be effective ease off and combat the root cause of all kinds of ulcer.
Raising glutathione levels with Cellgevity will empower the production of stem cells in the body which are responsible for repairs or healing of wounds in the body.
It will also help neutralize and remove the excess stomach acid causing the wounds by equipping the liver for effective detoxification.
Infection is also a sign of deficiency of glutathione in the body, so raising your glutathione levels with cellgevity will empower the body to fight of the infections naturally without any known side effects.


If you have ULCER, avoid:
a. Fried stuffs – plantains, akara, popcorn, etc.
b. Carbonated drinks – the chemicals in these drinks makes it impossible to heal as they keep frustrating every healing effort by brushing off the healing surface at every sip.
c. Canned foods the effect of preservatives from can foods to ulcer is same as petrol to a fire.

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